What other have to say

I have known Stefan Schielke since 1997 and he is a dedicated hard working professional. He will meet and exceed the goals and obligations set forth on his projects.
Stefan is also a good team player and never turns down an opportunity to help others when the occasion arises.
Stefan will be an asset to any organization.
– Wai Wong, Vice President Manager at Kuehne + Nagel Inc.

Stefan is one of the most precise and knowledgeable IT professionals I ever had the pleasure to work with.
During his tenure with Kuehne+Nagel, Stefan was directly involved in solidifying many of our clients on the west coast.
He is terrific in front of clients and is well respected by customers and peers alike.

– Wolfgang Meder-Eggebert, Branch Manager at Kuehne + Nagel Inc.

I worked for Stefan in 2010, and it was a great experience. I always found him to be organized, focused on the task at hand, and pleasant to be around. He has very strong communication skills, strong problem solving capabilities, and a team player.
– Marc Majorel, prior employee

While Stefan Schielke worked with Bennett Property Developments, he provided a beneficial skill set, related job knowledge, along with good job planning.
He was always prompt, and put in a strong effort towards accomplishing the task at hand. His worked with a positive attitude, and was a good liaison to our customers.

– Jim Bennett, Owner at Bennett Property Developments